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Spanking and Tears

For some people a spanking can make them cry and for other not, neither is the right or wrong reactions to spanking. We are all different and have different reactions to to things in life.


For me, however, there is something special about a crying woman. It is a sort of protecting thing that seems to be inbuilt within me. I just want to hug and protect them even if it was the spanking that I gave them for good cause that made them cry. I guess I want them to know they are still loved.

I never have given any kind of spanking without consent, even punishment spankings are defined by clear rules which have been agreed and discussed. They are given and received with love and trust on both sides and if they result in tears then reassurance and love is always given. 

I remember the first time I someone asked me to cane them until they cried I was very apprehensive about the whole thing until I realised that is what they needed and wanted. At that stage I had never been spanked myself and I didn't understand what it is like to let go of guilt through spanking. Now I understand their need and I'm glad didn't let my apprehension get in the way of giving her the release she wanted. I know it brought use closer together. Since then I have never been scared to spank someone to tears.

Some people are so stoic they never show their feelings or complain about their spankings. I have met and spanked someone like that. As yet I have never cried, but I have been close and I know I show my feelings while I'm being spanked, as for partner she has cried on a number of occasions. The thing is we are all different and that makes life so interesting.