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One item of clothing I have always loved the look of on a woman is a corset. The just make their bodies look so sexy and it never fails to give me an instant erection, which is not always a good thing if you are about to be spanked. 

In my opinion a corset is one of the most exciting and sensuous thing a woman can wear and unlike many clothes it suits women of all shapes and sizes. Just cuddling a woman to find she is wearing a corset has always been a turn on for me. Making love to a woman wearing a corset is a fabulous experience that I will never tire of. They just make women looks so sexy.

I also find it sexy to spank a woman in a corset as well be spanked by a woman weaaring one. On SpankingTube there is a couple called Barry and Belinda Spockings who have been into spanking since they first met. Normally it is Barry that gets the spanking but they do switch. The video clips they post that I love are those where Belinda wears a corset such as this one where Barry is being caned and milked by Belinda in a corset.

One of the other sexy things about a corset is the hint of restraint it brings into the bedroom, just by the way it tightly fits around the body and pushes up the breasts in an upward position. It is an amazing look and it is said to make a woman feel confident and feminine.