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Halloween Trick

Should Have Been More Careful


Did You Get A Proposal

Leap Year, and all that! Early in the day, but I'm not expecting a proposal, sadly. Maybe next Leap Year? Hope there are some lucky ones in the world that get tied down and proposed at. :-))

Maybe some adverts are in order? Still going with the club idea, with a dating service, these are the ladies that have run with the fantasy. Enjoy.

Well, It's About Time!

Everything fine, again. So, time enough for another post of more fantasies.

Strange Quote

I've been looking at old ghost movies, this month. I'm reminded how funny most of them are. Of course, most were not intended to be comedies. One exception is Beetlejuice. The pretty Goth was asked by the ghosts how she could see them, as it was "strange and unusual". Her reply, "I am strange and unusual." Oh, yes! Here's to remaining "strange and unusual". (Don't forget: safe, sane and consensual.)