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Gloss (Assignment)

Nicely shaven but nothing else coming to mind? Don't worry, sissy - there's always more for your sissy self to do!

As far as make-up goes, the lips are only second to the eyes for the amount of attention they get. But the two main options are lip gloss and lipstick. Lip gloss is a relatively new feminine fashion item (it was created in the 1930s to help the shine of lips show up better in movies, when contrast and the play of light was more important than pure color). Lipstick has also been a centerpiece of feminine beauty for thousands of years, so it's not something to be easily dismissed.

The fullness and color of lips can speak volumes about mood, health and attitude. For instance, blood flow increases to the lips when aroused or excited. Dark, full red lips were not just indicative health, but also of arousal and sexuality - no wonder many women have a variety of colors at their disposal! Just like you should, sissy.

Naturally, for an assignment related to lipstick you're going to need a tube of lipstick or lip gloss. You'll want the most neutral, natural color you have. Many sissies over-compensate for their perceived lack of femininity by using accentuated color or too much make-up. In order to be more properly feminine and natural you'll want to avoid bright, very noticeable colors (the point of make-up is, after all, to use cosmetics to enhance your features - not cover them up!). Plus, you're going to be wearing that lipstick outside, so unless you're an outgoing sissy you'll probably want something subtle.

That's right. In the morning you're going to put on a very light layer of lipstick (or lip gloss). And you're going to wear it the whole day.

If you have a color that perfectly matches your lips, great! If you have a color that slightly enhances the color of your lips - even better! Just gently apply the tube or applicator across your bottom lip; then use your upper lip to smooth it over both lips. You should have a thin, subtle layer of lip color on your lips. And now you're ready to start your day!

It's true: someone may notice your feminine affectations. But if they do you can be happy that someone is interested in you enough to notice something very subtle about you, like a slight color change in your lips. But a vast majority of people (especially men) don't pay attention to the nuance of someone else's lips, and even a significant change will usually go unnoticed if it's not garish or too pale.

So you can get the confidence of wearing make-up out and about, your sissy side will get to practice her application of true, subtle, feminine make-up. Maybe you'll find that a faint application of lipstick is an addictive addition to your morning routine as the confidence-building, emboldening activity adds a unique sissy gloss to your day. :D