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2012 Resolutions (1)

It's almost the beginning of a new year (for most of the world, anyway), which means it's also time for resolutions. Goals for you to aspire to and fulfill for a full year. So today and tomorrow I'll have some resolution ideas for you. They'll be split between feminization and sissification.

Today is the day to pick a resolution for your own feminization throughout the year.

Femininity is the key trait for a good sissy. Taking on the mannerisms, affectations, demeanor and general state of the fairer, better sex is what being a sissy is all about. So it's important to pick and stick to a resolution that will help develop your girlhood, even if it's something you alone will notice.

1. Grow your hair.

Hair grows a little more than 1 cm (about half an inch) per month. That means if you don't cut your hair at all this year, you'll be well on your way to luxurious, feminine locks for your next New Year's resolution. Of course, split ends and frayed hair aren't so appealing, so don't hesitate to get your hair trimmed once or twice during the year.

2. Use hygiene products for women

No, not tampons (unless you're very dedicated). This is for more mundane, everyday stuff. The most obvious example would be deodorant. Secret would be deliciously fitting, don't you think, sissy? Other options are: replacing your Schick with a Venus. Replacing your ChapStick with a shimmering Burt's Bees lip shimmer. You might even look into something as simple as a brand new purple or pink toothbrush.

3. Pluck your eyebrows

It's been covered here before: don't let the immaculate eyebrows you see on the street fool you. Getting a perfect feminine arch takes delicate plucking (or a steady hand with an eyebrow pencil). So there's no reason that you can't get your own sissy tweezers dedicated to sculpting your brow. Of course, you could resolve to plug 3 or 5 hairs every day until you've got the right shape, so that you don't accidentally make a irreparable mistake or surprise your coworkers too much. And once you've got them just perfect, you can move on to maintaining them for the rest of the year (they do grow back, of course!).

4. Switch to all feminine underwear

Gradually throughout the year - either once a week or whenever they have holes - throw out your old, gross male boxers or briefs and replace them with the delectable panties your inner sissy desires. By this time next year, you can be sure you'll have a drawer of beautiful panties, thongs, bikini bottoms and other with lingerie - and not a pair of bulky, unflattering, rough male underwear. Bras are optional :D (perhaps you're a sissy in the spirit of 70s femininism?).

So there you go sissy. You need not pick right now - it's not yet the New Year. But you should certainly mull over what sort of resolution you want to proclaim for yourself. One that you can unwaveringly follow.

Going overseas and don't want to explain your dove lady's deodorant to a TSA agent? Well you may be better of winking at him with your immaculate eyebrows. Head a bit too patchy for beautiful, flowing sissy locks (it's okay, sissy, a decent number of women also suffer from receding hairlines)? It may be time to focus a bit lower down and sculpt what hair you do have for your brand new panty collection.