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A Sissy Background (Wallpaper)

I finally got around to upgrading my computer (hey - it is totally a girly thing - some of the most influential computer scientists were women, like Ada Lovelace as arguably the first programmer ever and Grace Hopper, who coined the term 'bug' and built the first compiler).

 I felt it was only proper to christen it with a proper sissy wallpaper. There was plenty of discussion on newfapchan about girly wallpapers, but I figured I'd make one less girl-centric and more sissy-centric.

In case you're a sissy who's lacklustre at determining hues, the purple background has text repeating "I am sissy. I ♥ boys" (to go with the sissy's fabulous panties (I sooo want a pair, but I have no idea where I could even find them)). Of course, don't let anyone tell you that precludes you from saying "I ♥ girls" too!

 As a bonus (and alternative if you're a bit hesitant to have something secretly saying you're a sissy for all the world (visiting your home) to see: Here's the first sissy game (the first post on this site, even!) de-textified and slightly adjusted for 1920x1080.

But don't let that stop you from searching the net to find the perfect wallpaper to express your femininity. Or - even better - make your own; you're the best one to know what your inner sissy loves.

I know there are some sissies that have to share a computer (and not everyone that uses the computer may be a sissy), but I recommend it to all the lone sissies with a barren desktop crying out for your feminine touch. You may not be able to wallpaper your room, but you can certainly wallpaper your desktop! :D

 (and if anyone would like me to post a slightly tweaked version of the first one with different text or more/less visible text, just let me know).